Home for Graduates

Diana & Ira Riklis
When Bet Elazraki children turn 18 they are considered "adults" by the state. Reality is that today, young adults between the ages of 18-21 cannot do it on their own.  Especially in Israel when this is the time they serve in the IDF or national service. Most depend on their parents for financial and emotional support.  Our graduates have no parents to fall back on.  We must continue supporting them, as families do.  We are their family.

Over the years there were more and more graduates who needed our help with providing a roof over their head, guidance, financial support and more. Our immediate temporary solution was renting small apartments for our male & female graduates. The costs were very high, but most importantly it was not a home.

Recently our dream has become a reality and with the help of good friends, we have purchased 2 houses, in close proximity to the Children´s Home - one for our male graduates serving in the army and one for our female graduates serving in the army and national service.

The houses stand empty and we need your help in furnishing and equipping them so that our senior class can move in right when they finish high school in June.

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Each house has

Seven bedrooms
One living room
One dinning room
One kitchen
Five toilets
Five showers
One utility room
Back yard & two balconies