Therapy Fund

Therapeutic intervention for at-risk children is fundamental.

Battered souls must heal before going forward – for that they need professional treatment.

Our children are provided with essential therapies to fulfil each child´s personal needs and help them-
  • Overcome handicaps
  • Obtain coping tools
  • Aquire normative life tools  - study, communications and values
  • Improve accomplishments – behavior, emotional, social and scholastic
Government funding covers 20-30 percent of the therapeutic intervention required by our children.  Without the help of our friends, children would not receive sufficient therapy – some would receive none.

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Our Children – upon arrival at the Home

Our children endured trauma because of severe neglect, abandonment and/or abuse.  All of our children were marked in some way when they arrived at the Home. They came to us emotionally handicapped to the extent that their basic daily functions were impaired. Pain was expressed in assorted manners including: aggressiveness, learning disabilities, extremely low self-esteem, inability to adjust to an educational framework and more.

The Need 

We are determined that our children heal, flourish and succeed in becoming positive contributing members of society.  
No person can overcome severe trauma on their own, especially children.  To enable our children to conquer ongoing needs and encounters we must provide professional therapy that deals with each child´s specific trauma.  This will enable them to develop into functioning, independent citizens. 

Types of therapy available;

  • Psychologist – conventional methods
  • Shiatzu and Reflexology
  • Art , Drama and Music Therapy
  • Animal Therapy
  • Horticultural Therapy

What´s Unique?

To ensure that each child is treated in the manner that enables him or her to go forward, we utilize a diverse range of therapeutic intervention.  Each child is treated utilizing the type of therapy that is most suited to his or her personal needs.  We do not hesitate changing therapeutic intervention to a parallel method of treatment, or a combination of treatments, when one type of treatment is less effective than anticipated.  All therapists are top professionals in their field of expertise.

Project´s Costs:

Cost of therapy for a child per year - $2000