After School Tutorial Program

Valerie & Steven Stein
Achieving scholastic success is the key to real change in the lives of at-risk children that enables them to escape the cycle of despair to which they were born.

At Risk Children suffer three major obstacles to achieving scholastic success

  • Environmental deficiencies (i.e. did not attend school, had now home encouragement)
  • Lack of basic learning skills/ lack of knowledge
  • Teacher bias (teachers assume that they are unable to achieve)

Scholastic enhancement is essential to:

  • Overcome disabilities and gaps with normative peers
  • Develop latent potential
  • Improve self-esteem and increase motivation to continue to higher education
  • Break the cycle of multi-generation failure to which they were born 
This is a program with proven success for all participants. Budgetary limitations prevent us from providing this service to all children who require it. Please join us to ensure that all those requiring this program are served.

Project´s Costs:

Cost of private tutoring session $22
Yearly cost per child
$22 X 3 weekly sessions (average) X 28 weeks $1848

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The Bet Elazraki Children´s Home After School Tutorial Program

Scholastic success is the key to real change in the lives of at-risk children.  We at The Bet Elazraki Children´s Home feel confident in making this claim based upon our research and the compressive field experience compiled over decades of our successful nurturing of at-risk children since 1969.

Scholastically, upon arrival at Bet Elazraki, most children have a history of failure.  They are characterized as poor academic achievers; unable to adjust to rigid frameworks; children who lack the ability to fulfill assignments, exhibit negative social behavior, and are potential school drop-outs.   

The Program:  We believe that failure breeds failure as success breeds success. Many of our children have the potential to achieve. This after school tutorial program breeds success. The program is implemented among school children, ages 6-18.  It is a comprehensive, individual tutoring program, overseen and managed by our staff while implemented by professional teachers, most with academic certification. 

It is essential that we continue and expand implementation of this successful program to additional children, utilizing only professional educators.  Extremely minimal funds are provided by the Welfare department.

Please join us in ensuring our children a life of success.

Project´s Costs:

Cost of private tutoring session$22

Yearly cost per child
$22 X 3 weekly sessions (average) X 28 weeks$1848