Shabbat Clothing Fund

In memory of Rabbi Akiva & Zila Besser A"h
The Shabbat Clothing Fund was founded to honor the memory of Rabbi Naftali Besser´s parents, Rabbi Akiva A”h and Zila A”h Besser. 

Many people know that Zila A”h, or "Mommy” as the Rabbi often lovingly referred to her, was always impeccably dressed and groomed- and expected nothing less from her two children, Rabbi Naftali and Rabbi Mordy.

Your support and contribution to the fund will ensure that once a year, each of the over 200 children in Bet Elazraki will receive a new set of Shabbat and Yom Tov clothing and a pair of Shabbat shoes.The cost of this per child per year is $200. 

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A well-dressed child is a child that looks and feels amazing!
A well-dressed child is a child from a good home!

At Bet Elazraki we put a lot of emphasis on the subject of clothing - from being appropriately dressed, with clean and sparkling clothing for school and all the way through to nice clothes for Shabbat and Yom-Tov.  We make sure that every child is dressed in clothes that are cleanly washed and ironed, smell good and are of good quality.

A scruffy appearance can easily cause a child to be rejected socially at school. For a child at risk this can be devastating and take him off the path towards breaking the cycle of distress.
Well-dressed children feel confident. When dealing with children at risk it is extremely important to put a great deal of significance on building their self-confidence.

Over the years we have learned that teachers pay more attention to children who smell and look good.
The Clothing Fund was established to ensure that every girl and boy should have new clothes, fit to their size and of their own.