Summer Vacation

Our children´s home, Bet Elazraki Children´s Home, is not a temporary babysitter that finishes its duty at a certain time or a certain day.Ours is a HOME – home does not have opening or working hours.As such we are faced with the challenge and need of preparing, both technically and budgetary, diverse activities for our family of 200 children, also during school breaks, holidays and…summer vacation.

During the long summer vacation our home has an extra significant meaning. We wish to give our children the sense of flexibility, fun and play they´ve been waiting for, but we must also keep certain boundaries and rules.Just think for a moment of a child, one child, during one day off school – how many activities and stimulations are needed to amuse him? How many kinds of things are at our reach to keep him busy so he won´t "nag" us? How do we get through one day without him getting bored? How many co ordinations and planning it takes to make it through one day? Now think of 200 children and 9 weeks of summer vacation…

During summer vacation we try to provide our children with experiences that will turn into beautiful memories.Our children wish for the same fun activities and attractions that other parents surprise their beloved children with; trips, overnight excursions, sleeping in tents, visiting museums and other attractions. We also wish to take them to the swimming pool and to amusements parks. 

Summer camp costs per child is $520, times 200…

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