Dream Fund

Every child has dreams.
Every child should dream.
Often enough at-risk children give up their dreams.
Some don´t bother having them in the first place. 

We want our children to dream…
about skydiving, a trip abroad, meeting a favorite soccer player, or even just owning a special pair of sports shoes. We want them to dream about growing up and being successful, about raising families. 

The difference between an ordinary child and a child at risk is the chance of making those dreams come true. Mostly because when you are a child, someone has to be there for you and help that dream come true.  In normal circumstances, this would be the role of the parents.  For a child growing up at Bet Elazraki it is a puzzle of many people that need to help their dreams come true. 

By helping us fulfill children´s dreams you are taking us one step further towards breaking the cycle of distress. When we help our children realize their conscious and secret aspirations, they get an extra benefit, which is far beyond immediate gratification.  They know someone is thinking about them, cares about their desires, believes in them and is swilling to be there for them. This is the making of self-esteem that leads towards life changing acts of chesed and kindness.

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