Orthodontic Treatment Fund

At the Children´s Home, we are literally struggling on a day-to-day basis to provide orthodontic treatment to our Children. Unfortunately, unless medically needed, it is not cover by the government´s budget. 

A smile opens doors - Many teens need braces, both for medical and aesthetic reasons.

Orthodontic treatment optimizes the ability to chew and contributes significantly to the way one looks.  A child smiling   "from ear to ear" is   a child radiating confidence and joy. Smiling with a full heart is not something taken for granted for at risk children who had their self-esteem and self-confidence shuttered time and again.

Your contribution to the Orthodontic Treatment Fund will help to fund orthodontic treatment for many of our children enabling them to walk on the path towards a better future smiling and reassured that they will break the cycle of distress.

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