"Running for success"

At Bet Elazraki, running symbolizes every at risk child´s race for life!

Bet Elazraki encourage the children to embrace a healthy lifestyle, which includes balanced diet incorporated with sport activities.

Our work at the Home is holistic, i.e every program, educational or therapeutic, every functional aspect in the children´s life, studies or behavioral is examined and assessed by reflecting on all aspects of a child´s life. 
That approach is what led to the realization of the power and importance of running in our children´s lives.
Running towards success is one of the unique programs we have developed over the years. 
The actual activity of running is what constitutes the platform to emotional healing and normative skill acquiring which the children are lacking. 

Through running the children develop self-discipline, goal setting and achieving, crisis and challenge management, persistence, supporting other and receiving support. It is an escape of silence, time to arrange their thoughts and focus on the within which are not to be taken lightly for an average teenage boy or girl. 
Our running team constitutes of children and counselors. They participate in various races – staring with 5KM and up to a half marathon. Last year we took part in the "Mountain to Valley” relay race – 240 km over 24 hours in the beautiful north of Israel as well as in the Tel Aviv Marathon, Jerusalem marathon and more.

Join us in allowing more children to participate in this life-changing program. Funds raised are needed for 2 trainers, running equipment and registration fees for several races throughout the year.

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Roi, a combat soldier and one of our graduates who were among the first in the running group and suffered from abandonment said: "When I first started running I was experiencing scholastic failures. The staff spoke to me about working hard to close the gaps in school but I did not think I could ever do it because I was so far behind. Running races was far from easy but when I ran, I felt that I am moving forward. I saw it as an ongoing process; every time I ran and saw improvement, I felt a great sense of achievement. Today I know that conquering yet another mile on the running track was the first time in my life I experienced success. Only then I understood I am worthwhile”.