Choir Fund

Bet Elazraki´s choir is one of our flagship activities. Our gifted children stand center stage when they perform at the Home or anywhere else. Our children´s singing is the highlight of any event. We invest greatly in our choir making sure it is highly professional.

Singing is a therapeutic tool. One of the most significant challenges for children at-risk, is that they do not always know how to nor are willing to express themselves. Participation in the choir provides them with a safe place to express their feelings and desires and to release their traumas and challenges by expressing themselves through singing.

To sing in the choir means to feel successful. It is a tremendous opportunity to have your voice heard, to give from yourself to others, to impress an audience and to earn their applause.

Experience and expertise in the field of music therapy has testified the tremendous effect participation in a choir contributes to the children´s ability to make a better future for themselves and break the vicious cycle of distress. 

The choir Fund contribution will provide happiness and fulfillment for many children, and bring about the necessary change in their lives.

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