Birthday Fund

A birthday is a day of joy for everyone, especially when it comes to children.
Every child dreams of getting special attention on this day and of course to have a birthday party.
Every child deserves a little surprise, a birthday greeting, a cake to blow out candles and make a wish...
this is a given in normal families. At-risk children need someone else to step in where their biological parents are unable to fulfill their role. As we are a family of 200 children, we need help in making each child´s birthday the most special day of the year…

  A birthday is also a day of reflection – "Am I happy being who I am?"

Children at risk are accustomed to disappointment and quickly learn not to expect anything from anyone. They actually may feel very confused and frustrated on their birthdays especially if asked to contemplate that very question.  Unless, we make this day a happy day for them. A day where each child feels they are the center of attention, loved and embraced all around.

Our job is to give each of our children a real birthday.
Children at risk deserve the exact same opportunity to celebrate their birthday as any normal child - with friends, balloons, candles on a cake, birthday greetings and gifts, and especially with a whole lot of attention and love.Your contribution to our Birthday Fund can really make a change in a child´s life!


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