The Matthew Sam Bittan – z"l "Wonderwall" Guitar Playing Fund

In Matthew´s story below, Franciska, Matthew´s mother, tells us how most of all, Matthew loved music and played the guitar, taking his guitar almost everywhere with him, even on his travels. Mathew´s guitar was his therapy. His favorite song was Wonderwall by Oasis. Music gave Matthew a sense of connecting with his thoughts and his friends.

This fund has been established to allow the children of Bet Elazraki to enjoy the therapeutic satisfaction of creating their own music by learning how to play the guitar and through which, we trust Matthew´s memory will be commemorated

The money raised will be used to create a music room and fund guitar lessons for the children . Our intention is that each child that joins the group will too one day, own their own guitar.

Matthew´s Story

A little background of Matthew´s life, through moments recounted by Franciska and Michel, about who Matthew was and how his short, although so very full life, touched so many other people´s lives.

Matthew was the eldest of Franciska and Michel´s three children turning 25 years old on May 30th2016 just 12 days before his untimely passing on June 12th2016.

Matthew had been living in LA pursuing a dream of film, screenwriting and

production. A lover of improvisation (comedy), which he was also studying.

Matthew´s life was short, but yet so full of life. His Facebook page and the

pictures before you tell a story of a magnificent, intelligent, creative and gifted

young man whose love, laughter and friendship intertwined and touched the

lives of so many. Matthew was humble and generous, loving his family and

friends as well as so many others. Matthew´s smile was contagious and his eyes always held a glimmer of mischief.


Looking through the pictures it´s easy to see that Matthew truly was the life of the party. Loved making people laugh, he was definitely entertaining and included everyone. He was very sensitive to people´s feelings, making sure everyone felt special, whether they were 80 or 8. He was sensitive to hurting other´s feelings and when speaking one on one with anyone, he really empathized.

Matthew cared about helping people when they looked for help. He could talk and listen for hours. He´d stay up all night sometimes.

Matthew loved life. Everything about it. He loved to travel and meet new

people everywhere he went. He spent time in Australia, Thailand, and Israel, all over Europe. He was a kind of a free spirit and just wanted to see new places and different people all the time. He loved the outdoors and was always concerned about his health and staying healthy so he worked out a lot.


Matthew loved hiking and nature but most of all he loved music and played

the guitar, taking his guitar almost everywhere with him. Mathew´s guitar was

his therapy. His favorite song was Wonderwall by Oasis. It was music that

gave Matthew a sense of connecting with his thoughts and his friends.


Matthew had many friends!!! Really good ones too from childhood and many

that he met along the way. Franciska tells us that she has received letters

from many of Matthew´s friends, many of which she has never even met.


Each of them writing to her and telling the same story of how Matthew had changed or saved their lives. How caring, thoughtful and deep and philosophical he was, just like an old soul giving advice and knowing a lot about so much.

Matthew was very spiritual and spoke often with the Rabbi from Chabad. He loved learning about spirituality and how important it was to give back and help others and show love.

He loved Israel and wanted to go back and visit again. His father, Michel Bittan, born in Casablanca Morocco, moved to Israel when he was 12. Matthew still has many of his father´s side of the family living there. He loved to visit them and always thought he would go back to stay with them for a few months. He loved the culture and the warmth. Franciska´s family is Hungarian and Matthew was very close to them. He loved spending time with his family. The holidays were especially important to Matthew because he loved when everyone was able to be together. He was proud of his heritage and celebrating the traditions with them.

It was important to Matthew that everyone felt special and that no one should suffer. He felt like he wanted to help or save everyone. That one could find a place that they could feel comfort and safe. I know that he would be so happy knowing that others would benefit by being able to have the opportunity to play music and get the benefits he got from it.

In memory of Matthew Sam Bittan - "Shaul”ben Shlomo ve´ Faigy z”l 
 30/5/1991 – 12/6/2016

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