"We will be here for every graduate, always, just like any family"

Someone once asked Yehuda, the director of the children´s home, "How long do you plan on being there for your children at Bet Elazraki?” Perplexed, Yehuda answered his question with a question of his own: "How long do you plan on being there for your children?”

Every child that sets foot in our children´s home will always have our support. All our work with them here is geared to provide the means for our children´s future success, and this concept was the main reason for which we established the Friends Association of Bet Elazraki Children´s Home.
It was when Bet Elazraki had let go of our first graduates that we came to realize that the real test to see whether or not we had succeeded in helping our children was when their time came to leave the nest and go out to the real world to try their hand at true independence.

We knew that at this point they had done much self work together with our team of social workers and psychologists, they had succeeded in completing high school, passing their matriculation exams, and done their duty to society by serving in the military or national service.

We had done all we could to teach our children to value a good education and go to college, but we were still so worried. Who would help them pay for their studies? We taught them to be independent, but who would help them pay the rent? And should they meet their significant other, who would help them get started? How would they bear the expenses for a Brit Milah on their own? We wanted to help our children take their first steps out in the real world, but it was clear that we required extensive funding that was not at our disposal, and then, by some miracle, the idea to establish the Bet Elazraki Friends Association came to us.

Every single person in the Friend Association does so much, and is so dedicated to our children, always; we have so much to thank them for. It is because of them that so many of our young graduates have achieved a higher education, have where to live, and are able to
begin building their own families.
The Friends Association is the final stamp, of sorts, in the process of breaking the cycle of distress for our children.

The board of friends include:

Bilha & Moshe Podhorzer
Moriel Matalon, Adv.
Tali & Noam Lanir
Dafna Cohen
Idith Goren
Shmuel Sabah
Ronit Bronfman
Zev Eizik
Galit Baron
Liora Blum
Orna Rokach