National Service is No Children's Play

The idea of doing National Service in the children´s home has always captivated the attention of many girls and boys, but whether or not they fully understand what they are getting themselves into is another story. What this service means to them what they will be required to do, what they will need to give of themselves in order to attain their goals, are all questions that these young adults often forget to consider. The answer in most cases, is no; they have no idea what it means to work in such places. In most cases, all they´ve heard about homes like ours are the success stories and wild trips, the amazing experiences people who´ve worked with us have told them. In most cases, they don´t even have the slightest idea of how much those people had to give of themselves before anything like that could happen. When the new potential counselors come in, all they see are the beautiful grounds and buildings, the smiling children, but they don´t understand just how much Sisyphean work is done to attain such results.

Simply an eye-opener

We would like to raise public awareness to these things, to show our viewers just how hard our staff must work in order to achieve the success they achieve on a daily basis. We make sure to make all our success stories known for and wide because of the immense joy it brings us to show our friends and supporters how their generosity changes the lives of our children, but we must always keep in mind the people who work so hard around the clock to ensure our success.

The right type of person

The reason we are saying this is not to discourage anyone from coming to work at Bet Elazraki. However, not everyone is cut out to do this kind of work. Before we accept anyone to come and wrk with our children, we administer a rigorous personality check to make sure all our counselors fit the bill. A girl or boy serving National Service in Bet Elazraki, more than anywhere else, needs to have the right social skill, patience, kindness, and compassion in order to truly be able to do his or her job right.

Providing Stability

The ultimate goal of our girls doing National Service is to create a connection and a bond with the children, to give and be there for them whenever they are needed.

Being there for them

Working with our children means being their mother father brother and sister all rolled into one. It means waking them up for school in the morning, get them dressed, make sure they shower properly, look presentable, do their homework, it means playing with them and going to parent-teacher conferences. Sometimes it even means the girls must give up their "I” and become the children´s parents for a while.

Baby steps

Most girls join our organization fully intending on completely altering the lives of our children and changing the world forever. In their minds, they empower our children, having deep, meaningful conversations with the children, making sad children happy with the press of a button. In reality, however, things never really work out quite like that. Despite the effect the girls have on the children´s lives, it is a long process acquired slowly and with patience.