"All a child needs is someone who believes in him" – Rabbi Karlibach


Bet Elazraki Children´s Home – A Life Changing Home 

Don´t expect a standard Children´s Home – Our Standards Change Lives.

Bet Elazraki Children´s Home was established in 1969 to serve 39 children.  Today over 200 at-risk children ages 6-18, call Bet Elazraki - home.  Our children, most of whom were born to multigenerational welfare families, are referred to our care from throughout Israel, by welfare officials.  Educational and counseling staff live on campus with the children.  A diverse staff of professionals that live on and off campus, accompany our children throughout the day, every day.

Children referred to our care were born to families unable to conduct a functional family unit in which children are protected and promoted.  They were removed from life threatening dangers.  Children´s families were dysfunctional for assorted reasons including:  Alcohol and/or drug abuse, parents with mental illnesses, severe neglect, physical or verbal abuse.  Contrary to common misconceptions - our children have many talents and abilities.   At Bet Elazraki children develop their potential once we help them shed their pain, deal with their trauma and bridge gaps and fulfill their potential.

Ours is a unique home that embraces and nurtures children lovingly while implementing a structured, professional work-model.  Our constant daily work is conducted to redirect children and break the cycle of despair.

For children brought to our doors, Bet Elazraki is a home for life.  We are not a short term crises facility   - we are their home.   We are committed like family, always.  

Our children study at multiple Netanya schools.  They are bussed to assorted locations and come home to Bet Elazraki after school.  We are the school of life for our children.  We believe that by enabling them to overcome the traumas that they endured and providing ongoing nurturing & support, children will succeed in fulfilling their potential.  By teaching and guiding our children they develop positive life-skills that will ensure their ability to escape the cycle of distress.

This life changing transformation is possible because of the three point paradigm we developed that works to ensure stability, scholastic success and therapy – in that order.
  • Stability – ensuring that children feel secure with the knowledge that they have a home at Bet Elazraki, always.  That they know that we´ll be "there for them”, even after the age of 18 
  • Scholastic success – The key to an improved self-esteem and motivation 
  • Therapeutic Intervention – Healing from trauma, is the foundation to change

And it Works

Bet Elazraki graduates are the proof that this working method is a model of success.  Our graduates are flourishing on all fronts.  They are serving in the IDF – many in elite units; studying in university – towards first and second degrees; they are working in top prestigious jobs; getting married and raising healthy families. They escape the cycle of despair.

We invest heavily in our children, in assorted ways including – employment of a dedicated diverse professional staff; implementation of a multitude of special activities; construction and maintenance of buildings; utilization of avant-garde technologies; support of graduates and more.  The ministry of welfare finances 64% of our budget.  These funds cover the most basic needs.  To make sure that our children receive the proven Bet Elazraki care that ensures that they live in a home rather than institution-like environment, and that they are able to turn their lives around – we count on friends from Israel and abroad.

The Bet Elazraki motto is – To be there for them…always!
Our Request – Join us to ensure our life changing care continues – Please help us "be there for them”.