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Purim at Bet Elazraki

Purim is a special time of year, especially at the home, because not only is it a time of happiness and merry-making, but it is a time in which each and every one of our children is given the chance to fully express him/herself in the way he/she knows best. We put all of our artistically inclined children to good use for the decoration of the entrance and main building of the home. Additionally, we hold a talent show competition we call "Young Talent" in order to give our singing, dancing, and acting children the stage to present their talents in front of the entire home, and a number of close friends who attend the party every year. 
This year, the children presented films, slideshows, short videos, stand up comedy, songs, and dance. Even our mess hall "dressed up" when the older division completely transformed it into a beach scene with real sand covering the floor, beach chairs, and blow-up palm trees, for the "Big Restaurant" party. 

One of our guests who were present said "this is an amazing opportunity to see how the children enjoy themselves and have so much fun. This party gives us spectators the chance to witness a child´s happiness in a way that most people don´t get to experience every day".

Besides for the regular Purim functions that we have at the home every year, we had a number of different organizations and special people who helped make sure that the children have the best time they could possibly have this Purim. Some of them sent costumes for all the children, Mishlochai Manot filled with goodies, and some brought different activities to do at the home, to put the children in the right mood. A group of volunteers brought a moonwalk and other inflatables, clowns, and a pool filled with colorful balls to play in. The children had a marvelous time. Music and laughter filled the halls of the main building all that day. We are so thankful to all those who were the reason for the smiles on the children´s faces. What they have done for our children is immeasurable. 

We continue to work towards helping our children break free of the cycle of distress. We hope all those who have supported us all along stay with us. We could never have gotten so far without your help!

Happy Purim!

And every morning in our amazing staff wears the other funny costumes, make for a fun and happy our Kids!
Thank you for everything !!