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Challenging times, but we are stronger than ever. Read the reflection of an American volunteer

These passed two weeks have been the hardest weeks I´ve experienced in Israel. 
Constantly getting alerts to my phone about the next attack, having meetings about security and the precautions- it´s not easy. People around me talking about going home, and not leaving the dorms out of fear, but I am yet to think like that. As I am extremely aware and cautious of my surroundings, I refuse to let myself really get scared. The thought of going home hasn´t even crossed my mind- giving the enemy what they want is not an option, letting fear and paranoia into my head is not an option. I came to Israel wanting to make a difference and to stand with my country- no person or group of people attacking civilians is going to get in the way of that. 

Working with my kids at Bet Elazraki (8-12 year old Tromiot Girls) has been amazing. They warmed up quickly and love the idea of an American being there for them. Whether I am doing homework with them, playing a game, or even just laying in their beds with them playing a game on my phone I know I am effecting them. One girl turned to me and said "why are you here? There´s so many fun things to do in Israel?” I looked at her and said I´m here for you- to hangout and talk with you. She smiled, sat back down on my lap and squeezed my hand. Yes there are hard days where I question if I´m making a difference...But does that make me give up? Of course not. I continue to go back everyday and continue on this amazing journey. 

So too, when our enemies start attacking people, and times get hard for the Jewish people- am I going to get scared and change my daily routine? No, Chas Vishalom. Every day I will continue to grow and learn from my girls here at Bet Elazraki who have already made an impact on my life and hopefully I will continue to impact theirs as well. Just as I will stay here standing tall and proud for my country, my home. 

עם ישראל חי

Kailah Kaner
From New Jersey
Midreshet Torat Chessed