Bar / Bat Mitzvah

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Please join us in providing your children, and ours, the opportunity for a truly meaningful transition to adulthood.

Celebrating Jewish transition to adulthood is a most meaningful time in the life of any Jewish child.
For children growing up in the Children´s Home, celebrating this milestone is often more important than for most children.
For children from normal homes – dedicating their celebration to children less fortunate is a life-lesson in Tikun Olam.
Celebrating your  Bar/Bat Mitzvah with our children is an opportune time to help our children break the cycle of despair.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Partnership Opportunities

  • Funding a joint celebration for your child and our Bar/Bat Mitzvah children
  • Donating Bar/Bat Mitzvah gifts to Bet Elazraki children
  • Sponsoring the annual Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration conducted at the Home for all children celebrating that year

What it means for Bet Elazraki children

  • Widening Horizons
  • Elevating self esteem
  • Building relationships and enhancing self-expression
  • Internalizing the benefits of giving to others.  Providing children with a positive role model to follow 

What it means for donor children

  • Added value to the transition to Jewish Adulthood
  • Exposure to children living a completely different life
  • Understanding the meaning of life-changing opportunities

Project´s Costs

  • Joint celebration -  event´s expenses + suggested donation
  • Sponsoring the annual Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration - $20,000
When we asked our graduates what the most meaningful moment during their time at the Children´s Home was – many answered, my Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration.  Our children deserve a Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration like any other Jewish child, maybe even more so.   This milestone is one of the transitional moments on the way to breaking the cycle of despair. 

Festivities on their behalf is a rare opportunity in which the celebrating child is the center of all attention, rather than sharing as they do on most occasions in the Home. It is a time that they treasure. But we don´t do twinning anymore…they are still sharing with the other BM girls/boys.

A joint celebration with another child opens new world for our children and enhances their self-esteem.  The relationship between the child from the Home and his or her sponsoring Bar/Bat Mitzvah begin before the official celebration - via skype conversations, Facebook etc.  This relationship sometimes turns into a life-long friendship.

The relationship with the sponsoring child and his or her family opens new horizons for our children.  It enables them to develop new healthy relationships in which they are able to express themselves, their feelings and their capabilities. The sponsor family provides our child with the feeling that they are connected; that there are people outside the Children´s Home who sincerely care about them.  For an at-risk child, the feeling that they are important to someone is monumental.

Role - Models.  We work to instill in our children positive values including the importance of Chessed – conducting good deeds for others.  Breaking the cycle of despair is dependent upon changing the children´s mind-set from one of dependence and being a recipient of charity to a mind-set of independence and giving of oneself.

A sponsored joint Bar/Bat mitzvah celebration is a tangible "model of giving” that our children experience.  They meet a child who dedicates their special day, to others.   The joy that our child feels is thanks to the selflessness of a sponsoring child.  This sponsor will become a role-model to our child.  

What it means for donor children – Tikun Olam in Action 

Celebrating Bar/Bat mitzvah is about more than partying – it´s about celebrating values.  
Partnering with Bet Elazraki at this special transitional time provides children with the opportunity to see how other children live and how he or she can make a difference in the lives of children less fortunate than themselves. Celebrating with Bet Elazraki is educational, meaningful and exciting – it is a lesson in helping others, and deciding the manner in which this help transpires; maturity, responsibility, charity.  In a nutshell – Bar / Bat  Mitzvah.

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