Every girl and boy at Bet Elazraki has a special place, both in our hearts and in the appropriate framework

At present there are six major frameworks divided according to age group, and separated into groups of boys and girls:

The Main Building for Boys and Girls Ages 6-15:

The main building for boys and girls is well equipped with everything necessary to ensure maximum comfort for the children residing in it. Most of our group activities take place in its many cheerful rooms. We have parties, meetings, workshops, lessons and more. The boys´ and girls´ building is the very heart of our Home.

The Teenage Girls´ Home for Girls Ages 16-18:

 Established in 1998 by the wonderful women of the British Emunah, the teenage girls´ house, located next to the main building, exquisitely furnished, provides the older girls with the privacy they so desperately need at their age. In this way, our girls are given the chance to develop good social skills and, at the same time, remain at arm´s length. Our girls are lucky to enjoy the care and support they require from the children´s home staff and their counselors, while still being able to take an active part in the life in our Home.

The Teenage Boys´ Home for Boys Ages 16-18:

When we saw how successful the teenage girls´ home was, we realized how important it was that our boys, too, be provided with a home of their own. In the past, due mainly to a lack of resources, our boys have had to leave the children´s home upon reaching the age of 13. With no place to go, many of them simply returned to the streets. These young men play the role of older brothers to the rest of our children, and it was important to us to keep them close to us. Finally, and after much time and effort, we were finally able to collect enough money to rent a building for our teenage boys where they could function as a separate unit, and continue to be an active part of the home.  
Over the years, the boys bounced from one rented building to another, so that instead of investing in a permanent place for our boys to live, the Bet Elazraki Friends Association was forced to waste enormous sums of money on the upkeep of temporary rented houses.
This story does have a happy ending, however, and our much awaited salvation came through in the end, at the hand of many generous people around the world. Today, our older boys live in a warm, beautiful, and brightly lit home of their own, just down the road of our own main building.

The Infants´ Emergency Shelter

serves as a safe place for babies and young children who were forced to be hastily removed from their homes, due to immediate, life threatening situations they were found in. The shelter operates 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The emergency shelter extends its open arms to all children requiring sanctuary, from newborn babies to 14 year old children. In most of our cases, the children staying at the emergency shelter have been continually subjected to physical and emotional trauma, their parents addicted to drugs, alcohol, and in most cases, suffer from emotional and/or mental instability.
During their stay, every child undergoes an assessment process in which we thoroughly examine matters such as family backgrounds, possible foster families, and other appropriate facilities that might suit them. For the discretion of our children and their families, the shelter is located in a separate building, at some distance from the Children´s Home. The shelter is geared to cater to the needs of 15 children. Our staff lives on premises, but the emergency shelter is much more than just a place of refuge and protection; it is a window of hope.

The Family Intervention Center

A unique, innovative framework that combines one on one therapeutic support of the child with the rehabilitation of the family unit as a whole. The center was built with the help of Ashalim, the Israeli Joint, to provide for children from severely distressed homes, but who were found to have great potential for rehabilitation both on a personal level and as a part of their nuclear families.
We have 70 children taking part in all our daily activities: transportation to school, meals, educational and cultural activities, therapy, and counseling sessions. These children are still permitted to sleep in their parents´ homes, but they are also required to attend all the additional therapeutic workshops that our program provides, together with their parents. The rehabilitation program is a 3 year process, at the end of which rehabilitation of the family unit and renewed assimilation of the child in his parents´ home are guaranteed.