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Children at Risk

Over 200 boys and girls aged 0-18 live in our children´s home, all defined as "children at risk". They come from all over Israel and are referred to us by the Ministry of Labor and Welfare.

Children at risk come from families suffering from economic, health and social distress. These families are unable to provide their children with basic needs, to protect them, or to assure their normal development.

The children referred to us can be found in various states of distress. Our children have all suffered from total abandonment and neglect, physically or mentally handicapped parents, poverty, abuse, often both mental and physical. In these circumstances, we know our children have been continually exposed to intense violence, often drug and/or alcohol abuse, it is almost impossible to provide our children with even the smallest hope for reprieve.

Children at risk suffer from a certain vacancy that is hard to understand, physical weakness, low self-esteem, learning disabilities, emotional and behavioral problems are all symptoms. Most of them still have great potential and good life skills that are often not recognized due to their lacking a strong family or support team.