More About Us

Our Dedicated Staff

We always share our many stories of the children, activities and events, basically everything that happens here, at the Children´s Home. This time we wish to tell you a bit about the people who make it all happen, be it backstage or up front, our wonderful staff. 

Every part of the children´s lives, no matter how infinitesimal, is taken care of by a most professional, dedicated staff, performing their work with great devotion and loving care. The combined efforts of the educational, therapeutic, scholastic, and maintenance staffs creates the wonderful results we see every day. 

Our first "Staff Report" will focus on the educational team, as we are about to spend a weekend with the staff. They are the base on which our Home stands, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Be it day or night, weekday, Shabbat or Holiday, they are always there for our children.

The Winning Team
Our educational staff consists of our National Service girls, as well as the paid counselors, who all work to provide them with professional, experienced support. During this last year we built and new and unique team of counselors. For years we have been hoping for this kind of harmony and all the achievements that come along with it. We wish the children and the staff many more years of success.

The National Service Girls
We couldn´t wish for more brilliant girls than those that are here with us now. Eight of them will continue with us next year continuing the 2nd year of service. The girls remaining will be a third of all our counselors next year, in Bet Elazraki. There is no one better suited than our second year counselors to train the new National Service girls. We extend our heartiest wishes of good luck and success to the five National Service girls leaving Israel to spend their second year of service in Jewish communities abroad!

Our paid counselors
We have on board fifteen young and just wed, energetic counselors, joined by their families, working in the Children´s Home, round the clock. All of them have decided to stay with us and continue working here next year as well. We see this as a very clear statement of trust in the system, perfect assimilation and a great success.  

High school graduates doing community service at the homeThis year, ten enthusiastic young men and woman from various kibbutzim will join our staff and strengthen us in our daily efforts for the children. After completing a year of service they will continue on to full mandatory army service.  

It´s a matter of simple math…
National Service Girls + paid counselors + High school graduates = an educational staff of over fifty people, leading us forward into a successful new year.

Saying goodbye
Saying goodbye is never easy, in fact it is always a sad affair. This separation, expected as it may be, is very hard for the National Service girls, and even ten times harder for our children. For years we have been trying to make this inevitable moment easier for the children (and perhaps for ourselves as well) by highlighting the excitement for the new counselors on their way. However, and this cannot be stressed enough, by no means does this minimize the boundless appreciation and esteem we have for our departing girls. This is something that must be said personally to each and every one of them: You are so special, you have done such a wonderful and amazing job and you are always going to be a part of our Home, and an inseparable part of the children´s lives. We all thank you all and love you dearly!