Success Stories

Elinor A

Elinor says that the children´s home made her feel secure, content. She always knew that someone loves her, that someone cares for her happiness.Elinor has successfully completed her studies and has now acquired her second degree. The first, in industrial engineering, and the second in business management. 

"The children´s home has always given me the sense of being welcome, always. Even after I finished high school, we kept in touch. 
I think it was the combination of goodwill, belief in myself and in my ability to succeed are what have kept me going through all this time. Still, if the home had not supported me for every step of the way, I would never have come so far."
Elinor has been working for a successful business company for the past 6 years, where she won a prize for her dedication and excellent work. We are so proud!

About a decade ago, when asked about her dreams...
"I want to build a Jewish home, to have a lot of children. I want to be able to provide for my children on my own, and to make sure they never go through what I have suffered".

On March 27th, Elinor´s dreams came true. She married the love of her life, Tommy.
The event was exciting, emotional, and so happy! Our children were so proud to see Elinor do well, and see her get all her wishes. 

Here are some pictures from the celebration we made at the home.