Success Stories

Naomi D

Naomi has always been known at the home for her insistence on perfection and sky-high aspirations.  
Right from the start, Naomi´s amazing talents were blatantly apparent, and she became a star soloist in our choir group. She participated in an Excellence project and in an Intel program. She was part of a group that travelled to Ruanda, and to New York for a special Bet Elazraki event, and successfully graduated high school with flying colors. During her first year of national service, Naomi worked at a democratic school in Hadera, where she was put in charge of the music department as a vocal trainer to their young aspiring singers, who, like herself, were children at risk. Later, she was sent to serve in London, at the "Independent" school in Hendon, as well. As we say, the sky is the limit.

There is a famous Israeli song sung by the talented Chava Alberstien, called "London is not Waiting for Me”. In the case of our Naomi, however, London has always been waiting. 
London has been waiting for Naomi ever since she was a little girl and was forced to deal with immense difficulties. London waited for her to complete her studies in school, and to become a role model for many other children living in the Emunah Children´s Home of Bet Elazraki. London waited for Naomi to grow older and strong enough to move on to the next stage in life, and to become a giver, herself. And Naomi did not disappoint. She came to London in order to give of herself to others and to fulfill an important mission.
London, Israel, and the entire world are all waiting for so many children just like Naomi, at Bet Elazraki, with a unique story of their own. Each child chooses his own path, each one has its own potholes and flower patches, but our children know that no matter what path they choose, there are people who stand by then, cheering them on. They know we are there for them when they race down the path, and when they fall, and to see them reach the finish line.