Success Stories

Shani M

Shani came to us when she was 14 years old, orphaned from both her parents who had her when they were much too old to be able to care for the clever little miscreant she was as a child. Shani had to work hard to get to where she is today, but, thankfully, she managed to finish high school successfully. Shani, independent as she is, never liked depending on anyone other than herself, and immediately after serving in the army, she set out to try her hand at a number of various odd jobs. She finally settled down as an insurance agent while studying accounting in college. In September 2013 she married Matan, a law student who attended the same college as her, and they now live in Ramat Gan, as law abiding, working citizens. We are proud of Shani, and we are so happy that she has truly succeeded in attaining everything she ever wished for.